Top 14 of the Best Activities and Restaurants in Las Vegas

Top 10 activities to do in Las Vegas from Cirque du Soleil to David Copperfield, and hotels with activities like the Caesars Entertainment Hotels and Mandalay. This article has plenty of things to do while in Las Vegas in the list. Anyone looking for entertainment in Las Vegas will be pleased.

1.   Absinthe

This is not your plain old boring circus. This is a mixture of the circus, burlesque, and vaudeville, all coming together to give you a unique experience that is both modern and nostalgic at the same time. Hosted by the one and only Gazillionaire, this is a show that is sure to be full of characters. But leave the kids at home, this show is 18 and up only.

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2.   Bachelor/Bachelorette in Vegas

Looking to throw an exciting, unforgettable bachelor or bachelorette party? There are many options in Las Vegas, one of the hottest destinations for bachelor or bachelorette parties. Not only are there events with male or female strippers, but there are also pole dancing classes for bachelorettes that want to live on the wild side on a wild night out with the girls. From drag shows to adult comedy shows, Las Vegas has what you’re looking for to make your bachelor or bachelorette party something truly special.

3. Caesars Entertainment Hotels

The Caesars Palace is a legendary, must stay hotel right on the strip in Las Vegas. The Roman inspired architecture with giant pillars lets you know that this hotel is as epic as it is big. It is a massive hotel with 4,000 rooms and includes clubs, restaurants, a spa, a casino, pools and even a wedding chapel. You can also go shopping and have multiple attractions right inside of the hotel. So don’t waste any time, book a room on the strip.

4. David Copperfield

While there are many magicians that put on shows in Las Vegas, very few are as legendary and famous as David Copperfield. Known the world over for his showmanship, Copperfield entertains with stunning illusions that captivate audiences, even those who think they’ve seen it all before. He is a master at everything from simple sleight of hand to grand feats such as appearing to fly without wires on stage.

5. Le Rêve

French for “The Dream”, this is unlike any other show available in Las Vegas. The show is actually performed in a 1 million gallon tank of water. The performance consists of swimming, dancing, diving, gymnastics, stunt performances, a colorful array of lighting and original costumes. Premiering back in 2005, it is still the most unique and passionate show you can find on the strip. It was voted best production show 9 years in a row.

6. Mandalay Bay

With multiple restaurants, bars, clubs, a spa, casino, and shops, everything you need is located right inside of this elegant hotel. It even has 11 acres of beach environment and a shark reef aquarium.

7. Maverick Tours – Elevate your Grand Canyon

Why just ride in a helicopter over the strip when you can ride from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon? Awarded as one of the best experiences in Las Vegas in 2019, Maverick Tours flys customers around in the ECO-Star helicopter, which was designed specifically for air tourism. Instead of flying around in a stripped down helicopter, fly around Las Vegas and to the Grand Canyon in luxury.

8. Michael Jackson ONE

What could possibly be better than Michael Jackson music and dances, acrobats, the lights, the smoke, and immersive visuals? Nothing else comes close to it, especially for anyone that was a huge fan of the king of pop. There’s even a section of the performance dedicated to Thriller, with performers dressed up as zombies. This is a can’t miss show for the whole family.

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9. Penn & Teller

This show is a unique combination of magic and comedy, and achieves a higher level of entertainment by not only doing magic tricks but also explaining how they pulled it off afterwards. By breaking the rules of the magician’s code while cracking jokes and narrating, they are able to give you an experience you can’t find anywhere else.

10. Cirque du Soleil

Cirque du Soleil offers up some of the most breathtaking experiences that Las Vegas has to offer. Whether it’s a performance honoring the music of the Beatles, Micheal Jackson, or a fantasy performance such as ‘O’ or ‘Ka’, Cirque du Soleil does not disappoint.

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11. The Beatles LOVE

The costumes, dance choreography, visuals, music, and the atmosphere are all perfect to celebrate one of the most beloved bands of all time. This show will wow you with high flying acrobats and eye-popping stage design. It will leave you with Beatlemania.

12. Treasure Island

What other hotel in Las Vegas, or anywhere really, can you do a mission with The Avengers? It has everything you’re looking for, including bars, restaurants, clubs, a pool and even a Starbucks.

13. Vegas Nights Helicopter Tour

Before you leave Las Vegas, you owe it to yourself to get the absolute best view of the strip that is possible. Let Maverick tours take you above Las Vegas and see the lights from a different perspective.

14. Venetian Hotel

A hotel with a Venetian twist to it? Check. Rooms that are nearly double the size of your average Las Vegas hotel room? Check. A gondola ride? Check. The Venetian hotel has everything you could want and then some. Multiple attractions, a huge list of restaurants, clubs, a spa, four pools, and of course a wedding chapel. Book a room here.

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