There’s something about sunsets, people coming together to watch the changing of the different colours in the sky. That peaceful feeling you get when experiencing the orange and yellow hues intertwining up above. And you think to yourself ‘the best things in life really are free. Every city gets them, yet each one is unique in its own way. Here are our favourite spots in Europe to catch one. Make sure you’ve got your camera ready because you don’t want to miss out on these natural beauties!


You may not think Amsterdam is the place to come for a beach holiday. However, this cool urban beach (which is man-made) is the perfect place in Amsterdam to enjoy the sunset. It’s about 25 minutes from the city centre but it’s definitely worth a visit to enjoy some sun, sea and sand. As you sit outside and enjoy a cool beer on the beach in the early evening you will gradually see the colours changing in the sky and it’s WONDERFUL. A mixture of orange colours lights up the sky, getting darker and taking up more and more of the sky as the evening goes on…

Also, another cool place in the Netherlands to head to for spectacular sunset views is Kinderdijk, a village in the Netherlands’ South Holland province known for its 18th-century windmills.


Park Guell:

Climb to the top of Park Guell in the early evening to catch a glimpse of a dreamy Mediterranean sunset. From the top is where you can see some of the best views of the city and the sea. The park sits along an elevated perch making it a magical zone for capturing the sunset. The best time to come here is in the middle of the afternoon, to enjoy the park and then watch the sunset from the top of the park where you can see the sky change as the sun sets onto the city and the sea.

Any high points:

In fact, any high point in Barcelona will reward you with magnificent sunset views.

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Calton Hill:

Scotland has some stunning views, you just have to know where to go. We recommend heading to the back of Dugald Stewart Monument on Calton Hill. This is our favourite place to come not only for the incredible views but it’s even better if you come as the sun starts setting, and, it changes with the seasons making it a great place to come all year round and enjoy different shades of sunsets.

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Skogafoss is a little different to the other places mentioned. Why? It’s known as one of the biggest waterfalls in Iceland. Guess what? It’s also one of the best places to go to observe the sunset or the sunrise.

Watch how the clouds wrap around the mountain whilst turning blood red and catch a glimpse of the rainbow forming in front of the waterfall making it a sight you won’t forget. You may be here for a while because once the sun has set, the stars will come out, allowing you to take in even more beauty.



This picturesque village at Santorini’s northern tip shows off the island’s crescent shape from one end to the other, so can you blame us for picking it as one of our most loved sunsets? Oia is a famous village in Greece known for its peaceful vibe and of course its fantastic sunsets.

Find a spot at the top of the hill with the many other people who come to get the best views of the sunset. As the colours from the sky start to fade, you’ll see the lights from the houses gradually illuminating the city. This is what makes Oia sunset’s breathtaking scenery.


Rialto Bridge:

A Venetian sunset is not to be missed and where better to see once than by the river.

Rialto Bridge is the perfect area to watch the colours from the sky reflected onto the water. And, once the colours go from bright orange to dark orange and finally grey, the lights on the canal and bridge will be a sight you won’t forget.


Greenwich Park:

Greenwich Park may not be the highest viewing point in London. However, if you climb up the top of Greenwich Park just under the statue of James Wolfe you will be rewarded with a breathtaking view of Canary Wharf, the National Maritime Museum, the river Thames and the o2 (plus way beyond). As the sun goes down, the sky will start changing from blue, to purple, to pink making this peaceful spot our favourite place in London to go and catch a glimpse of the sunset.

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Fistral beach:

If you’re heading to Newquay for a surfing holiday or if you’re simply a sunset lover then make sure to go to Fistral Beach to catch an amazing sunset! The British seaside makes for a splendid holiday and you won’t be disappointed with the views.

It’s the perfect place to have a drink out on the deck whilst watching the clouds turn from white to red as the sunsets. You’ll find yourself gazing at the sun as it gradually dips into the ocean and it’s a sight you won’t forget. Our hostel in Newquay is actually just a 16-minute walk away from Fistral Beach, and you can walk down the beautiful Towan beach just 2 minutes from the hostel to get there. Or better yet, watch the sunset from the hostel’s roof terrace overlooking the bay below! Beautiful.


Pont Neuf bridge:

A romantic setting. Head to the city of love to experience a beautiful sunset over the Eiffel Tower and the Seine. Find a nice spot on the bridge overlooking the river and watch the water start to glow like sunsets. Soak in the atmosphere and witness the sky change from blue, to yellow, to orange and finally purple. Don’t you wish you were there right now?

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Prague castle viewpoint:

Prague castle has some of the best views of the quaint city making it an incredible place to watch the sunset. Get to the top of Prague castle just before the sun sets and you’ll get to see a super blue sky against the golden castle just before it turns to pink and purple as the moon starts to rise. It’s a great place to watch the city lights come on as the evening turns to night time giving you a beautiful panorama of the nightly Prague.



Rozenhoedkaai is probably one of the most photographed areas in Bruges and it’s even more spectacular when watching the sunset over the canal. The different colours of the sky, reflecting on the water is possibly one of the best ways to view Bruges. This cute little spot has a terrace where you can watch the sun go down, or, if you prefer, they also host canal boat tours which are even more magical.